This exciting young bitch Nettles line bred pedigree is combination of Grandgables favourite dogs of all time. Seen here taking back to back BOBs one a Specialty in entry of 42 (over 9 Champions). Thank you Hannelore Heller for handling her on the  first day.





BIS/BISS Am/Can Ch. GrandGables Wee Mr Red Thorn ROMO

Am/Can.Ch.GrandGables ReddySteadyGo MS ROMO/ROMX

Am. Ch. Packer's Black Tie MS

Pawprints Fast Trac Edition MS

Am. Ch. Packer's Mocha Delite MS

Can. Ch. GrandGables Go Go Gabriella MS

Am/Can.Ch.Rosan Hill Englelong Gabriel MS

GrandGables Anyone For Coco MS (Can ptd)

Am/Can. Ch. Rosan Hill Rose Of Sharon MS

Can.Ch. GrandGables Tie Dyed Tuxedo MS(SAf)

Am/Can.Ch.GrandGables Buffalo Bill MS

SAf Ch Julinessa Jenny Many Dots For GG

Rosan Hill State Of Grace MS

Am. Ch. Chadwick's Little Rascal MS

Rosan Hill Onyx Engel MS SE
Am/Can Ch. D'Arisca Striped Tease (UK Imp)
Eng. Ch. D'Arisca Little Trend @ Carpaccio
Eng. Ch. Yewlitt Jeremy MS Eng. Ch. Yewlitt Lucky Jim MS
Martina of Yewlitt MS

Eng. Ch. D'Arisca Designer Classic MS
Eng. Ch. Wingcrest Smart Alec MS
Dalegarth Della MS
BISS Am/Can/Eng.Ch. Grandgables Tickle My Fancy MS
Am/Can.Ch.GrandGables Reddy Steady Go MS ROMO/ROMX Am. Ch. Packer's Black Tie MS

Can. Ch. GrandGables Go Go Gabriella MS
BISS/BIS Am/Can Ch.GrandGables Phancy Tigress MS Can. Ch. Garthorne Mr Bean For GrndGables (UK) ROMX
Rosan Hill Phantasm In Stripes MS